Hydro Fluid

Anti-wear hydraulic oils


  • Designed for use in all kind of hydraulic sytems operating under high pressure and normal temperature conditions, such as in machine tools, mould injection machines, presses and other industrial or mobile equipment.
  • Also used in many other applications, where an universal anti-wear lubricant is the first choice : low charged gears, sliding and roller bearings.


  • High antiwear properties insuring longer equipment life.
  • Good resistance to oxidation avoiding formation of sludge at normal operation temperature and ensuring a long service life of the fluid.
  • Good filterability even in the presence of water.
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Good demulsibility ensuring rapid water separation.


Test items Method Unit 68
Density 15℃ ASTM D- 1298 g/㎤ 0.8734
Viscosity 40℃ ASTM D-445 ㎟/s 67.5
100℃ ASTM D-445 (cSt) 8.75
Viscosity index ASTM D-2270   102
Flash point Cleveland ASTM D-92 234
Pour point ASTM D-97 -35.0

* The typical characteristics are given as a guide only.