CEO Message


I would like to sincerely welcome you to the website of S-Oil Corporation

Established in 1976, S-OIL has grown into a leader of the domestic refining industry, making substantial contributions to the economy and quality of life in Korea through stable energy supply and petroleum export. Today, S-OIL is proudly positioned as a global player with world-class competitiveness, leading the advancement of product quality through pre-emptive investments in upgrading facilities ahead of other refiners and also successfully constructing large scale petrochemical facilities in the face of the global economic crisis. In addition, concrete progress has been made on a variety of areas, including renewable energy business and safe, pleasant work environment for employees.

S-OIL does not and will not settle for the present. We will stay nimble and strategically respond to the ever-changing energy market so as to solidify our presence in the global marketplace as well as in the domestic market. Under the mission of “profitable, sustainable growth,’ S-OIL set up three strategic directions—the expansion of refining business, the integration with petrochemical business and the foray into renewable energy business—and pursues innovation and growth from short and long-term perspective.

S-OIL exists for C.E.O. Here, C.E.O. does not mean Chief Executive Officer as it is often known. Rather, ‘C’ means Customer and Community, ‘E’ means Employee, and ‘O’ means Owner & Other stakeholders. As such, satisfying the expectations of C.E.O., in other words, all stakeholders is the duty and reason for existence of S-OIL. We make utmost efforts to sincerely fulfill the role of a corporate citizen and strive to find and execute ways to become a company which is loved by society and its neighbors and offers the value of sharing.

Our quest for sustainable growth can gain a spurt from candid communication with you. In that regard, we would like to keep you updated on our activities in detail through this homepage. All employees and officers of S-OIL, including myself, will make relentless efforts with passion to make S-OIL a greater company beloved by you all.

I wish you good health and happiness.